OXO handheld spiralizer, a great introduction to spiralized vegetables

OXO handheld spiralizer

You may be familiar with a (relatively) new concept in vegetable preparation, "spiralizing". I've just discovered the joys of spiralizing, and although not convinced at first, I'm now a convert, and will spiralize anything which stays still long enough!

What on earth is spiralized food

In essence, spiralizing is popping a vegetable through a "spiralizer" to produce long strands of a spaghetti like creation. The idea is then to substitute carb heavy foods, such as pasta, for these spiralized vegetables.

There are a plethora of spiralizers on the market, but to ease ourselves in we plumped for the "OXO handheld spiralizer". The reasons the OXO handheld spiralizer seemed such a good purchase are:

  1. Small - the OXO handheld spiralizer easily fits into a draw as it is just 8cm in diameter, by 10cm deep. The last thing you want to do is purchase an all singing, all dancing spiralizer, only to find you can't be bothered with it, and it's just something else to clog up the cupboards.
  2. Cheap - this little hand held spiralizer is good value. So for those of us new to the spiralizing game, we can dip our feet in the water (or carrot in the spiralizer) without raiding the kids' money boxes.
  3. It spiralizes - the OXO handheld spiralizer does what it says on the tin; it spiralizes your vegetables

What to spiralize

If a vegetable will fit into the OXO handheld spiralizer, you can make those delicious spirals of goodness! Our favourites are courgettes, carrots and cucumber. Incidentally, courgettes are easily grown at home, but until now I've struggled with recipes to use the surplus of courgettes which the summer brings - not anymore! There will be spiralized courgettes (or, I'm lead to believe, "courgetti") aplenty.

Potatoes work a treat too. Although spiralized potatoes won't help your low carb diet, they do have a nice taste and texture.

How to cook your spiralized veg?

Your spiralized vegetables couldn't be easier - or quicker - to cook. As the strands are about the thickness of spaghetti, they don't need much cooking at all. If you've got the oven on, the best way is to pop a quick splash of olive oil on the veg, give them a quick mix in a roasting tin - then just pop 'em in the oven for 15 minutes. Failing that, put them in a saucepan and blanch for a couple of minutes.

I'm convinced - where can I buy my OXO handheld Spiralizer

To get your OXO handheld Spiralizer speeding to your door, the best place to make your purchase is from Amazon. You can look at the OXO handheld Spiralizer on Amazon. As for your vegetables, my advice is to nip out to your preferred supermarket! Good luck with your spiralizer - just don't get too obsessed.

Potatoes too...

It's not just for courgettes and carrots - a potato can go through the OXO handheld Spiralizer a treat.