The Specialized Sirrus, buy a lovely hybrid online from Evans Cycles

Specialized Sirrus online from Evans Cycles

For those looking for a hybrid cycle (ie. one of those bikes which isn't a mountain bile and also not a bike you have to wear skin tight Lycra to ride), I'd highly recommend the Specialized Sirrus.

I currently have a couple of these Specialized Sirrus bikes, after progressing from a Claud Butler (it's Specialized all the way now!). My oldest Specialized Sirrus has covered around 19,000 miles and is still going strong. The bike is still used on a daily basis too. There have been a few bits replaced on the bike, I don't think any cycle would cover 19,000 miles without some bits being replaced due to wear and tear.

For the regular commute or for exploring our green and pleasant land, the Specialized Sirrus is certainly the choice for me. Far be it for me to tell you what cycle you should treat yourself to, but it's well worth seeing if a Specialized Sirrus is right your street. Which brings me on to the second thing I wanted to mention...

Evans cycles online 30 day guarantee

I get my bikes from Evans Cycles. The reason for this is that I've always found they have a good choice, both online and in their shops. Choosing a cycle can be a tricky affair. You may decide on a bike because it has all the technical bits you want ; however when your carefully chosen bike turns up, it's not quite what you wanted. Nobody wants to be stuck with a bike they don't like. Fortunately, Evans Cycles have overcome that obstacle - they offer a '30 day return' policy. All you need to do is order your Specialized Sirrus online (or any bike, not just the Specialized Sirrus), take it for a spin, and is you decide you've made a bit of a mistake and don't like your bike, just send it back - isn't that good!

Whether you're after a lovely new Specialized Sirrus, or another brand of bike, nip across to Evans Cycles online to see what they can offer you!

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