Assos Cream, a review. Assos Chamois Cream makes cycling extra comfortable!

Review of Assos Cream - makes cycling, oh, so much better!

I love a bit of cycling. Really love it. Riding around with the wind in your hair, the smell of Spring in the air. What's not to like. Or, as I've just come back from my morning sojourn during these Covid-19 times (that's April 2020) riding about with the cold rain in your face. Still, always feel better afterwards.

For those who also like to cycle around; or for those who are new to one of the best things to do in the world, I'd like to mention something which can improve your time in the saddle.

Try a little Assos Cream in your life

The product I'd like to mention now is "Assos Cream". When you spend some time in the saddle, the chances are you'll - there isn't really a delicate way of saying this - get a tad hot, you know, down there. This is going to get worse, sorry. You'll maybe itch too. Sorry again, that's enough of that. Don't let any heat based problems in the undercarriage area put you off cycling though, it's an easy problem to rectify. Get yourself a tub of Assos Cream. Assos Cream costs about £14 per tub, and you really don't need very much of the cream. Just put a little bit on your, well, your area which gets hot in the saddle area, and any, er, bacteria build up will be eliminated.

I have to say, Assos Cream is the business. Pop some on before your ride and you'll go like Lance Armstrong. OK, Assos Chamois Cream won't actually make you pedal like Lance. You'll need illegal hard drugs for that. But Assos Cream will help you be more comfortable.

Purchase Assos Chamois Cream

I generally get my Assos Chamois Cream from either Wiggle - free delivery when you spend over £16 (so get two tubs). Or from Evans Cycles. Evans cycles charge for delivery now, which is a shame, but you can always collect-and-collect for free. Or if you're buying lots of bits and pieces it may well be worth paying that extra postage. Evans Cycles also run a price match guarantee, so you'll get the best price.

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