Lego Star Wars - the perfect present for Christmas 2015

Lego Star Wars - our opinion for Christmas 2015

This is only my opinion, but I think Lego Star Wars is going to be a popular choice for Christmas 2015. And not just for the children either - people (er, men) of a certain age will fondly remember the original Star Wars coming out way back in 1977, and want to relive their youth a little bit with some of that Lego Star Wars greatness.

Fast Forward to 2015, and we have the newest episode of Star Wars hitting the big screen. Released just in time for the Christmas market, "Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens" comes out on the 18th December 2015. Watching this film is likely to stir up those Star Wars emotions, and change the "I want for Christmas" list. It'll be too late by then though. By the 18th December all the Christmas present buying will be done. It will be done, won't it?

In my opinion, you should start looking for your Lego Star Wars items now, and get it all sown up before the big rush.

Lego Star Wars banner

What kind of Lego Star Wars kit can I buy

What kind of Lego Star Wars stuff is there out there you ask? Let me tell you, there is absolutely loads! First of all, for those looking for something before the big day, there's the Advent calendar!

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Wake up every day in December with the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

As we all know, Christmas isn't all about the 25th December. It's about the build-up too, and that's where your Advent Calendar comes in. And what would any Star Wars aficionado like for their Advent Calendar - the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar of course. With some great characters behind each of the doors, including 5 mini-figures and 2 holiday-themed Droids; and vehicles too, with Jabba's Sail Barge, Sandcrawler, Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, AT-AT, A-wing Starfighter and - maybe that most famous of Star Wars vehicles - the sleigh. Well, maybe there weren't too many sleighs in the films - but it is Christmas, so you need a sleigh.

Lego Star Wars for all

There are, quite literally, thousands of Lego Star Wars sets to choose from, with smaller sets costing only a few pounds - right through to those big boxes which will set you back a few hundred. The good thing is there's something to suit all pockets - if you're looking to spend a few quid, choose something like the "LEGO Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport". Or for someone with money to burn, how about the "LEGO Star Wars 10188 Death Star".

These are opposite ends of the scale - and there's plenty in the middle to choose from...

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Although there are thousands of Lego Star Wars sets to choose from, I'll dip my toe in the water and mention a few sets which I particularly like. Who knows, you may like these too...

The X-Wing fighter

Lego Star Wars X-Wing fighter First appearing in the original Star Wars Film - "A New Hope", the X-Wing fighter is one of the classics

You can't fail to like the X-Wing fighter. Originally appearing in the first Star Wars film. That would be the first Star Wars film made, not the Episode I. The X Wing, flown by Luke Skywalker, in "Star Wars - A New Hope" is the fighter which destroyed the Death Star, so quite a pivotal vehicle to have. And what better way of marking this honour than by having your own Lego Star Wars version of the X-Wing.

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The Millennium Falcon

Oh yes, another classic of the Star Wars films, the Millennium Falcon was Han Solo's spacecraft, and was the ship which got Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi off Tatooine - and straight into the Death Star, oops. Never mind, we all make mistakes. Still, this iconic craft is available in Lego.

Lego Star Millennium Falcon Han Solo's favourite craft, the Millennium Falcon

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Snow Speeder

Taking stage in "The Empire Strikes Back", the good ol' Snow Speeder was the craft despatched to take on the AT-AT Walkers on the ice planet of Hoth. Luke did manage to crash his, but took out a couple of AT-ATs before he ended up in the snow. Either way, the Lego Snow Speeder is a great toy to have this Christmas.

Lego Snow Speeder Appearing in "The Empire Strikes Back", the Snow Speeder helped take on the AT-AT on Hoth

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The rest of the Star Wars cast

There's three examples of Star Wars which can be purchased in Lego form. As I mentioned earlier, there are thousands of different sets you can try. I won't go on, there are just too many for me to list. However, if you want to see more - and, I ask you, why wouldn't you, the best place to see the vast selection on offer is over on good old Amazon. They have plenty of choice, so you're bound to find something to suit your present buying needs.

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And here's some Lego Star Wars in action

Here's an idea of what you can do with your Lego Star Wars figures!